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First of all I just wanted to say that I am new to the list, but not to the bike world. I have been painting bikes since 1991 and have come to enjoy it. I have met several people which I've heard about for many years and I want to say it was a honor to have met you all. I also want to thank Joe Bell for those kind words which he mentioned in his note. Brian Baylis your a cool guy in my book, I enjoyed talking with you about your dogs, being a dog person myself. And all the other fellows I got to talk to: Carl Polizzi it was real nice catching up with you after all these years, and it's always a pleasure talking with John Pergolizzi ( hope I spelled it right). Having met Chuck and his family was nice, this is my second year attending and I have to say that it gets better, for me at lest, every year. And all the other wonderful bike people I have met but not mention. I don't own a vintage bike, I have a mountain bike, but seeing all those beautiful bikes makes me want to go out and restore one for my self. And a final note, after talking with some folks and hearing some story's, and of course chucks incident I have come to believe that bicycle riding is very good for a long healthy life, aside of God's favor and blessing. So I look forward in becoming good friends with you all, till next year.

Ruth H. Alvarado

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