Re: [CR]Possible Fraud Schwinn Paramount on Ebay

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From: "Stephen Barner" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Possible Fraud Schwinn Paramount on Ebay
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 15:44:59 -0400

I'd really hate to be eBay on this one. I would have to say that, if I were them, I would give the same answer that they did. Their volume is so high that they cannot be fraudbusters for every allegation, unless they were willing to dramatically increase the number of employees working in the fraud department and that would certainly result in a significant increase in fees. In this case, the information you gave them indicating fraud was very weak. You said "The photos in this listing remind me very strongly of a listing that i saw on ebay 12 months ago." You don't provide any real evidence that this is the case, leaving nothing to really act on. How would you like it if eBay pulled your listing on evidence that thin?

I'd say the saddle on the bike looks like a Pro and not a B-15 (or B17 for that matter), but the rest of the description seems pretty accurate. Unlike most fraudulent listings, the seller does not claim that the bike is mint. However, the seller's few transactions date back many months and can no longer be checked. This could very well be someone who made a few small buys to establish a history, copied a listing, and then bided his time until all the evidence had aged out of the system. He could be a crook, or he could be a guy just trying to sell his bike. I've emailed the seller for some additional information. I'll report back if the reply seems sketchy.

Steve Barner, Bolton, Vermont

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\r?\n> Hello,


\r?\n> Thank you for taking the time to contact us with this information. I

\r?\n> understand how this situation could be of some concern.


\r?\n> I have reviewed the information that you provided regarding image and

\r?\n> text theft, but at this point find that I do not have enough evidence to

\r?\n> show that the member has violated any eBay rules.


\r?\n> Unfortunately, we will only be able to take action if the owner of the

\r?\n> image or text writes to us. In some instances, certain members will

\r?\n> allow others to use their images. It is also possible that they acquired

\r?\n> the image from a mutual source. Therefore, we often cannot remove

\r?\n> listings based on the representations of third parties whose credentials

\r?\n> we cannot verify.


\r?\n> We do understand the potential for further issues in this type of

\r?\n> situation. That is why, if you feel strongly about this issue, we

\r?\n> recommend you contact the seller(s) to advise them of the information

\r?\n> and recommend they contact us directly. Once we hear from them, we will

\r?\n> take appropriate action.


\r?\n> We appreciate you taking the time to contact us with your concerns.

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