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UPS shipping counters (especially the UPS store) do everything possible in my experience to meassure your box so it comes out as oversize as possible. Their goal is to get your box to meassure over 130inches in length and girth. If you pack a UPSable box well, and it bulges, you are over the limit.

At my local FedX location (a real FedX location) they seem to deliberately meassure the package so that bulges are ignored and so that stuff doesn't get hit with the oversize charges.

I have shipped stuff all over the country the past few months and from Colorado the fee to either cost is under $30 if memory serves me correct. I keep the packages fairly at the size limit and they meassure them fairly.

My advice is use FedX ground and you can check rates on line before you go there.

Also, UPS rates if you do not have an account have risen sharply - a direct effort I believe to capture more margin for the UPS stores.

There is nearly a 25-30% surcharge on UPS rates if you use the UPS store or even a UPS counter and don't use a UPS account number for regular pickup. Just log onto the UPS site and compare rates for account holders vs. at drop off locations.

It apppears that you get the same low rate at FedX regardless of if you have an account.

Yes - UPS stinks Stinks Stinks!!!

And don't even get me started about the UPS off-shore insurance scheme to avoid US taxation which costs us taxpayers many many millions!

Mike Kone in Boulder CO

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\r?\n> The other day I took my daugther's bike up to our UPS pickup to ship it and

\r?\n> it was going to costs around $100 to CA. The most it has ever costs was $37

\r?\n> to the left coast. The gal, who has shipped many bikes and frames for me,

\r?\n> said UPS had a rate increase. I could go with that, however this would be

\r?\n> more than just a rate increase. She did say that if I reduced the size of

\r?\n> the box by 3 inches it would go down to $80. Anyone else out there had

\r?\n> similar experiences? this concerns me as I have several frames on ebay and

\r?\n> will be listing more with a chance of a bike or two as well. Would hate to

\r?\n> mislead a bidder on shipping costs.


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