Re: [CR]Re: stronglight 63 auction - may be a scam

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From: "Ben Kamenjas" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: stronglight 63 auction - may be a scam
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 20:02:35 +1000

Hey List,

I wrote ....
> << Interestingly, his auction pic for the Stronglight 63 cranks looks
> very
> familiar and very unlike any of his other pics. >>

Dale saw what I thought
> Looks like a Hilary Stone photo!!
> Dale Brown
> Greensboro, NC

I am reticent to publicly draw conjecture where I can't be 100% certain and I confess to being more of a sloth than a sleuth I can't help but to point out .....

current auction<blah>

Hilary's auction from a few weeks back<blah> ViewItem&category=56197&item=7104559127

The seller classicrh changed his ebay ID on Oct 04 04 the same day as he received feedback for purchasing a vintage cycling item of quite some value. The day before Hilary's auction (which I'm certain is the source for the current auction pic) ended. Till then the ebayer in question has feedback only as a buyer and for very small items (mostly stamps and postcards).

I can't be certain but it appears someone may be trying to fill their sporran (account hijack?) or has listed an item using a swiped image and not pointing it out in the item description. Either way I would rather back Celtic football club amid their current woes than dip my fingers or toes in what looks like the murky waters of this auction.

Hilary, sorry to draw you in here but can you confirm if the picture used in the above current auction is yours?

Anyone wanna contact "Alain Lapierre" at who signed off in his obnoxious response to Donald Gillies as "R" ????

Stuff don't add up.


Ben Kamenjas
Sydney, Australia