Re: [CR]Does anyone actually ride a 50th Anniversary Schwinn Paramount?

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Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 04:25:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Does anyone actually ride a 50th Anniversary Schwinn Paramount?
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Are you talking about Paramounts in general or 50th Anniversary in particular? I never buy a bike I'm not going to ride, and that includes two early 70's all chrome Paramounts. I'm also planning to ride the early 80's team issue Paramount that list members Wayne Jolly and Mike Barry are helping me restore.

It does seem that Paramounts turn up in virtually NOS condition more often than most bikes. One theory that has been aired here before is that, in the day, guys with plenty of money who had decided they really should take up cycling went to the local Schwinn and bought the best and most expensive bike on the floor. Then they rode it around the block a couple of times, couldn't figure out these derailleur things, or just moved on to their next passing interest, and left the bike in the garage for 30 years.


Jerry Moos Houston, TX

Retrofan531 <> wrote: My allegiance to my Tommasini notwithstanding, I found myself unable to pass up a 50th Anniversary Schwinn Paramount on eBay today when I came home for lunch:<blah>

I have never ridden a Paramount, but sure would have been so much cheaper to have just gone to lunch at McDonalds today ;-)

My question is are there any of these out there that are actually ridden? I see auctions and listings from time to time that show some of these for sale, but the ones I remember all claimed to be never ridden.

Do any of my fellow CR list members actually ride one or are these limited to wall art ;-)

Frank Phillips
McAlester, OK