Re: [CR]the bikes we buy for the darndest reasons

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I found a beat-up totally unremarkable Centurion at the swap meet sporting a nearly perfect Brooks Professional. The guy was asking $10, and I pounded him down to $9. After I got home, I felt bad for pounding the poor guy for a dollar. I put a proper saddle on the bike and donated it to a thrift store. The saddle sits on a PX-10.

Pat Moffat Tempe, AZ Where I am constantly seeking redemption

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marc garcia wrote:

"This just got me thinking if anyone else has bought a whole bike or frame just for a tiny part or bits."

Yes all the time. It's fun for me and quite habit forming.


Winchester 70's era. for the bluemels fenders. Bridgestone Spica 1983, for the Alloy wheel set and "Randnner" bars. Austro-Daimler late '70's damaged frame, for all the cool parts it had

There have also been many times that I've been tempted but couldn't justify bringing home a hunk of 25" steel for a worn leather saddle or some such.

Thomas Haughn
Kent WA