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Subject: Re: [CR]Question about Avocet
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2004 13:50:56 +0000

Menlo Park, California. It's tough being in the US and selling (primarily) sub-contracted Ofmega parts when Ofmega can just sell them direct.... Nice stuff, though. They still sell cycloputers as far as I know. Greg Parker Dexter, Michigan

Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 00:07:34 EDT From: To:,, Subject: [CR]Question about Avocet

I know Avocet was in business in the 1970s selling parts and that they may have "subbed out" the actual manufacture of their parts, including the once ubiquitous Avocet cycling computers, but where were they from? France?, USA? I have also seen Avocet seatposts (very kool looking), pedals, shoes, cranksets (made by ofmega?) saddles, hubs and toeclips, but what ever happened to them? they seemed to be reasonable parts. Did they spread themselves too thin? get bought out by someone else or ?? Any info would be most helpful. I noticed that the CR site doesn't list them anywhere that I can find, or did I miss their page?
Dave Anderson
Cut Bank MT