Re: [CR]Ilkeston vs Worksop Raleigh Team Pro Questions

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Subject: Re: [CR]Ilkeston vs Worksop Raleigh Team Pro Questions
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 08:09:59 -0400

A few more observations related to Greg's last post:

Greg Parker wrote:
> 3) Later Team Pros were framesets only, 531 or 753, no chrome, often
> custom ordered. Most people that have a Team Pro now, have one of these.
> They came in three color schemes - "Team" red/black/yellow, Midnight blue
> w/black, and a somewhat odd gold color. I have a blue & black one. (I got
> that color scheme because I thought the "Team" colors looked too much like
> a Raleigh Record, the lowest bike in the line at the time...).

Eric's comment:

Just an additional detail to the above, these framesets when ordered in blue or gold only had "Raleigh" decals on the down tube and top tube. When ordered in the Team colors, the frameset has "T.I. Raleigh" on the down tube and "Team" on the top tube. As Greg states, there was no chrome on these framesets, nor was it available as an option, and they were made at the Ilkeston shop. These all came in "standard" frame geometries but the could be changed at the customers request to any reasonable spec. I own a brochure and order sheet for these and must get it sent to be scanned onto Mark B's catalog web site.
> Greg wrote:
> 4) To my knowledge, all of the Team Pro framesets (early and late) were
> built at SB in Ilkeston.

Eric's comment:

Raleigh Team Pro framesets and or bikes were at some point definitely made at Worksop as I own one now (serial #WE9001692) and she is clearly as original (not a repainted Pro). I can send pics if anyone desires but I say with confidence that her patina indicates that anyone viewing her would believe her to be original. All her details, except paint and no chrome (even on the dropout faces) are just like the later series US spec Raleigh Professional's. See my next comment below for more.

Greg wrote:
> 5) Raleigh apparently marketed (outside the US) Team Pro "lookalike"
> frames that are all 531 models, and may or may not have been made at SB
> (my guess is that they were never made there).

Eric's comment:

I own another brochure, for the EU market and dated spring 1982. This catalog is titled "Raleigh Racers" and lists in detail their top of the range bicycle "Raleigh Team Replica 12." This one I own and just described previously is identical to what is shown in the catalog. In the catalog, it is pictured just like a US spec Raleigh Professional, late non-fastback style, in Raleigh Team colors and decals but full Campagnolo Nuovo Record equipped. This frameset has "Team Raleigh" on the top tube and T.I. Raleigh on the down tube. Again, no chrome anywhere and has flat fork crown and oversized seat stay caps. I suspect these are the Team Pro frames that were built at the Worksop facility.

In the same brochure they list framesets and clearly state that these are "Specialist Unit" and also "Special Bicycle Development Unit" items. They are available in 753 Dynaflite ovoid tubing, 531 and 531SL. The one pictured is in Team colors with the oversized seat stay caps and a fully sloping fork crown (not the Cinelli type though). This one shows just "Team" on the top tube and T.I Raleigh on the down tube. The pic also shows quite clearly a Reynolds 753 decal on the top of the seat tube.

Hope that helps a bit. As I have promised before but not followed through on, I will send all my catalogs/brochures out to be scanned into Mark's website. I'll also consolidate all the findings from these recent posts into one document, to be revised as new light is shed. We have made some progress.

Eric Elman Somers, CT Amazing how those boyhood dreams become such a strong focus later in life. I still remember the day I got my catalog with the Team Pro in it (fastback style and pre-production Campagnolo SR) and then at a later date seeing a real one in person. Nirvana back then and still a passion for me (yes, obviously).