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Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 10:04:48 EDT
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Subject: [CR]Re: Ilkeston/Raleigh Team Questions

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> Peter,
> You could very well be correct, although Richard (Sachs) was
> also speculating about Jan Legrand. But it seems like he could
> even have been working in England at the time.
> I brought up Serier because he was acquainted with a friend
> of mine who lived in Amsterdam who often visited his shop. The
> story I was told was that Serier claimed to have built the last
> of the Dutch Team Raleigh bikes. Certainly, I would not vouch
> for the veracity of this story since it's clearly not first
> hand information.
> Wasn't part of the story (or one of these stories, or rather "rumours") that the Dutch builder (Serier?) actually traveled to England to build the team bikes so they could be claimed to have been "Made in England?" So they could, in theory, have been made by a Dutch builder, but at one of Raleigh's England facilities? Seem to recall coming across that bit of flotsam in the archives whilst researching my team track frame.

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