[CR]Ebay outing

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From: "Wspokes" <wspokes@penn.com>
To: "Cr List" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 01:04:40 -0400
Subject: [CR]Ebay outing

I have placed a batch of auctions up on ebay. Various Classic Cycling patches in different designs. Several Raleigh designs, Carlton designs, Falcon, Hercules, etc. I have a bunch more on the way as well. Pics can be seen here also http://users.penn.com/~retro/fgh.htm

prices are pretty much all the same at $8.50 shipped. Quantities are dwindling fast of several types of the patches as well so email me if interested to inquire about # left. My auctions can be seen here... ebay id: wspokes http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQgotopageZ1QQsassZwspokesQQsosortorderZ1QQsosortpropertyZ1

Thanks for looking Walter Skrzypek Falls Creek, Pa http://www.fixedgearhooligans.com