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Subject: Re: [CR]Fiamme Rims
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2004 18:14:24 +0000

A few grams lighter? A few grams lighter? Refund? Refund? Where's Dave Stoller's movie Dad when you need him? :-) (I'm so predictable...). The Ergals are legitimate 290-gram-actual-weight tubular rims. I've measured them between 280 and 300 grams (road version). It depends on how new the extrusion die was at the time of manufacture, and the spoke-hole count. Red labels are great rims, but are more like 350 grams each. As the French chefs used to say: "Big Diff-frahnce." Ergals are made of Ergal (7000 series aluminum). Fabulously strong, but will fatigue eventually, generally at high mileage. I would recommend a rider gross weight limit of about 175 lbs for Ergals., but that's just me. As far as I know, they are the only tubular rims ever made out of 7000 series, at least on-topic ones. They began life, lo, these many moons ago as Yellow Label rims. There are track (19 mm wide) and road (21 mm) versions (of both types). Published weights in 1966: Red road: 350 g. Red track: 310 g. Yellow road: 290 g. Yellow track: 275 g. IMBO, they are some of the best tubie rims ever produced. The early labels were football-shaped (some folks also call them oval-label), then the intermediate label was rectangular, and the last one was a parallelogram, although I think Ergals were gone by then.... There were other Fiamme rims over the years as well, but the Reds and Yellows were the vast majority of their Production. Nisi are nice too, particularly the Sludis, but I'd prefer Martanos over them, and Ergals over either (YAMMV). Regards, Greg "rim nerd" Parker Dexter, MIchigan Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2004 01:35:42 -0400 From: greg arnold <> To: <> Subject: [CR]Fiamme Rims

Greetings... I have checked the archives (no useful references) Can anyone tell me the difference between, and perhaps the timeline of, Fiamme Ergal and Fiamme Red Label rims? All I can find is that the Ergals are a few grams lighter... Also - are Fiamme and Nisi rims of similar quality?


Greg Arnold nyc