[CR]Velo-Rendezvous firmly established

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From: vahdia@att.net (Seth F)
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 04:23:24 +0000
Subject: [CR]Velo-Rendezvous firmly established

Hi Folks:
    I'm home a couple of days late from V-R04'cause I took the opportunity to visit with my parents who are of a certain age.Gotta seize the moment.
     First morning was Frame Seminar.This was mostly about our living Keepers of the Flame.Brian Baylis and Ed Litton and Peter Johnson were present,with some of their own work and some stuff they liked by other guys.We all shared our opinions and knowledge about esthetics and practicality combined.Lots of nice esoteric techniques revealed for fancy finishes and exquisite joinery.The sort of stuff that only gets brought out when a bunch of folks are jamming on the topic.
     Early afternoon,leaving from the seminar and our pizza slices,most of us did the Pasadena Loop.Pore ol' BB had a mechanical half way through when his right pedal came unscrewed out of his NR crank(pedal eye didn't break,though...)John Pergolizzi was chief surgeon.Had to find someone with a longish thread pedal to screw in from the back to chase the threads.Finally got it.
     I was on a forty year old French bike with an alloy rail Ideale saddle.Had to go home just before reaching the coffee shop before it got too far out of hand.No more rides for a few days.Tut,tut.
     Dinner at Gordon Biersch on the first day of ersatz Oktoberfest.About thirty of us up in a mezzanine room yelling and gesticulating.Poor Chuck almost lost his voice by Sunday afternoon(Friday night at this point)
     After a Saturday morning Loop was History day.about noon ,we convened in a conference room at the Pasadena History Museum.Andrew Ritchie expanded on the career of A.A.Zimmerman,just for starters,and managed to fill in,with illustrations, about other circumstances and riders of the time.A fine reality check.
     Ted Ernst combined his personal history as a bike shop child and subsequent racing career through the 50's to give us a first hand account of bicycle culture in the quiet period of mid twentieth century.He also gave enough detail for this to be a more general social history as well,reminding us of the rigors of the Depression,the World War and the Homeland Security fears of the era.Well illustrated,again.
     Carrying on into the early Bike Boom was Peter Johnson,the perpetual Eager Kid,even now.He was brought into fast bike culture by a Cinelli rescued from abandonment by a friend.Eventually,peer pressure cased Peter to start training and equipping himself methodically.He decided to make his own bike,and did well enough,partly because of a family background of good fabrication practices.Peter eventually made 98 to 100 bicycle frames or similar(hand cranked recumbent trike,anyone?).He also made or modified numerous parts,just because he could and therefore ,should,for satisfaction.Peter and Jan had brought along a fair flock of his past works for display,and more would show up on Sunday.Jan got her story told too.She has been fascinated,elated and loyal to Peter for nearly thirty years since she got drawn into his eagerness for the sporting life.Rare and Wonderful.
     I kinda missed the Colnago history part Saturday,because had to drive to a family gathering...
     Ditto Saturday dinner,also at a Brewery.
      After the Sunday morning rides was the barbecue and concours.Lots of rare and fascinating stuff out on the grass,under the trees.More KOF framebuilders in attendance,including Bruce Gordon far from home.Someone else will have to report the judging results,'cause I kept my attention on the bikes and the stories about them.Pretty hard to see it all.Get it while you can.The posted pictures are better than words.
      Seth Finkelstein,Santa Cruz,CA