[CR]Velo~Rendezvous #4 best ever!

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From: Duane Kennard <d.kennard@adelphia.net>
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 21:38:53 -0700
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Subject: [CR]Velo~Rendezvous #4 best ever!


VR #4 was the best yet. I've never seen so many gorgeous bikes in one place, and I can't wait to see more there next year!

This year's VR was actually my very first time ever showing bikes, and though I didn't bring 'em hoping to win anything (I was even hiding in the back), so many nice people there seemed to admire my Confente enough to vote it 3rd coolest in the People's Choice! Thanks everyone! I'd never won anything at a show of any kind before, and felt quite honored ;^) The Confente isn't completely period correct, or polished up for showing... I'll try to fix that for next year. Some Nisi Sludi rims are waiting to be laced up with Berg Union spokes. Now who's got that new pair of "world logo" gum hoods for a good price...?

I had a blast there this year. Nice meeting a lot of you, and thanks Chuck & Sherry for putting together a great weekend!


Duane Kennard
Los Angeles, USA