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Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2004 22:35:20 -0400
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Gee the BB thing is so easy on my Jim Redcay. He threaded the hypodermic tubing through the frame and brazed it and all I do is push the cable through!

OK, I admit it. The tubes get gritty once every 5 years and I have to flush them.

Joe Bender-Zanoni
Great Notch, NJ

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> There is a lot of cleverness out there in list-land. Now, of course, the only bike in my fleet that suffers internal brake cables is the '65 Sears Ted Williams Sport Special. So, for it I grabbed a coat hanger and cut it open and straightened that thing right out. Then I sort of bent the last inch a bit, and plunged it right firmly in one end and sure 'nuff pretty easy to fish it around (if you've fished wire through walls, this is EASY, particularly if you put a gentle curve into the wire so the end wants to stay near the side of the tube where you want it). So it brings itself right out, and I slide the housing onto it as far as it is comfortable. sometimes comes right on out the other hole in the frame. Sometimes gets a bit stuck, so by pushing on the housing and easing the coat hanger back out it works itself to where it wants to be. Viola!
> (works on handlebars too, when they've been drilled for barends or whatever).
> But I haven't had to do this bottom bracket thing. Sounds hard. :-)
> harvey sachs
> mcLean va
> For my Hujsak Aero, I had to run new cable housings, and used two =
> different
> methods.
> The first was for the brake housings, and I just bent a hook onto the =
> end of
> an old spoke to catch the end of the housing and guide it through the =
> hole.
> It
> takes a little work, but isn't too hard.
> For the shift cables, which run through 1/8 plastic tube, I had to use a
> vacuum=20
> cleaner and some fine thread, which I vacuumed through the frame, Then I
> pulled=20
> a strong fishing line bach through with the thread, and finally fed the
> tubing
> over the fishing line. It worked, and got the tubing through the =
> internal
> holes=20
> so it could pass through the bottom bracket area. It took a long time, =
> and
> wasn't=20
> at all easy. Every vent hole had to be taped over to get enough vacuum =
> to
> draw the thread through. But it was necessary. It would work for the =
> brake
> housing you need to run, if the spoke thing dosen't work for you
> Steve Birmingham
> Lowell,Ma