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Date: Sat, 09 Oct 2004 14:12:54 +0000

A wish, a dream - but alas not in the Boulder I live in. Unless the recycler has one for a silly low price, there is not a single shop in Boulder that would typically have a vintage lightweight for sale. Many shops have them on display as relics of the past, but they are usually on loan from customers and not for sale.

Folks in Boulder typically want the latest, not the oldest. Sure there are a few of us, but trust me, the vintage bicycle biz in Boulder is beyond stinky. When I had Bicycle Classics in Denver years ago, walk-in vintage biz was weak. Moved to Boston, it was very strong, it shocked me. Opened a retail store in Boulder and walk in biz was laughably terrible for vintage.

Yes, there are vintage bikes around here and there in Boulder, but I think it is only because there are so many bikes here that a vintage one is likely to be seen. On a typical day on a training ride and around town, though, it is rare to see a Campy NR/SR being used (but they do turn up).

But of course, Boulder in general is amazing to live and ride in. Bike paths everywhere, and a choice of flats or mountains almost every day.

So CR list people - move to Boulder and increase the vintage bike energy here!

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> Dave


\r?\n> I was in Boulder about 4 years ago, and there were classic bikes on EVERY

\r?\n> CORNER. They were locked to parking meeters, leaned up against store fronts, and

\r?\n> it seemed that every LBS in town had classic bikes for sale. When I die, I hope

\r?\n> to see St. Peter standing in front of the Pearly Gates of Boulder. Which

\r?\n> reminds me...check out Pearl St. in the evening....


\r?\n> Pat Moffat

\r?\n> Tempe, AZ


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\r?\n> Hello-

\r?\n> Any Listers from the Boulder CO area? I may have to travel to Boulder for

\r?\n> work related issues and want to sneak off to check out the local bike shops.

\r?\n> Does

\r?\n> anybody have any suggestions? any and all takers welcome.

\r?\n> cheers-

\r?\n> Dave Anderson

\r?\n> Cut Bank MT