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Subject: Re: [CR]San Diego Vintage Ride/ Oct. 17 (Ride Report)
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 12:00:14 -0700

Dear Listmembers,

Well only myself and Tim (lastname??) showed up. We waited till about 10:05 and parted way as no one else showed up. I think that they were either worried about getting their tubulars wet or got distracted by the thousands of women walking in Balboa Park in support of breast cancer research.

The ride to Balboa Park was only moderately wet on the roads and there was no rain what so ever. On my return ride home at 10:00 the roads had already mostly dried up with only a few puddles and the skies were mostly clear. I made a brief divert through Mission Valley over to Mission Beach and then back home. Even though my ride was only a brief 26 miles, I am very happy that I didn't let a few scattered showers keep me at home as I would have been miserable all day long wishing I had gone out.

Sorry more people didn't show up.

John Dalldorf
San Diego, Ca

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Subject: [CR]San Diego Vintage Ride/ Oct. 17

> Dear listmembers,
> Announcing the monthly San Diego Vintage ride, as always on the 3rd Sunday
> of the month. We will meet at the usual place, parking lot of the
> Aerospace and Automotive Mesuems in Balboa Park. Meet at the usual 9:30am.
> Depart for Point Loma at 10:00am. Weather should be cool, nice temps. for
> a brish ride out to the lighthouse.
> We will have lunch at Anthony's Fish Grotto, unless someone comes up with
> a better idea. No ferry ride this time. Maybe JB will show up this month.
> Sorry for the late notice; but I've been terribly busy at the shop and
> haven't been paying attention to much else lately. Have some catching up
> to do on the list related to the great time at Velo Rendezvous. Will
> attempt to tell some tales tonite.
> Come out to the SD Vintage ride tomorrow. Maybe I'll ride the Rickert
> tomorrow, for a shakedown cruise.
> Brian Baylis
> La Mesa, CA