Re: [CR] Silicon Valley Ride Report

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Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 20:28:36 -0700
From: Mark Wolfe <>
To: David Clementson <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Silicon Valley Ride Report
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That's what you get for riding 19's in the rain. :) Sounds like the same thing happened to the CR ride down here in San Diego. Just curious, but where does the Bay Area ride meet? My cousin is just finishing up a bike and lives in Alameda.


David Clementson wrote: | Only Brad S. and I braved the early morning rain for today's Silicon Valley | CR ride. The two of us chatted about bikes and waited until 10:00, then | rolled out under gray but dry skies. The roads were damp, but not | unrideable. We had not gotten more than two miles when, just before turning | onto the Alameda Creek trail, we hit a nasty patch of thorns. | Three-quarters of the tires in the peloton were punctured - some several | times.. We made repairs, but having exhausted our supply of spares, we | decided that pressing on would be unwise. We arrived back at the starting | location just under an hour after starting. Total distance was 3.8 miles; | average speed was about 4 MPH. No coffee or pastries were had. | | Dave "searching eBay for fenders" Clementson | Palo Alto, CA where it just now has started raining in earnest

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