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Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 21:54:37 EDT
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Very good.Everybody copied this after the patent expired. Best regards, Harris Spracher Waynesboro Va.

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I was rummaging through some old boxes today and came across an NOS Suntour V-Luxe derailleur from the mid 70s. I was wondering if there is anyone who can tell me more about it. Is it any good? Certainly looks well finished - nicely made. Thanks, Mike Short, ------------------------------------------------ I have to agree 100% with Harris. A totally under rated derailleur that in spite of its original whopping $16 cost, was OEM for low end bikes, on up to pro-level Japanese bikes; which at the time were not very common in the States. It was a real trend setting anomoly, shifting better than any Campy item at the time,,,,,but thats whole different story that I am staying away from.
Dave Anderson
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