[CR]Re: BVVW Meeting Tues. Oct.26 , 6:00p.m.

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Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 12:13:31 -0400
Subject: [CR]Re: BVVW Meeting Tues. Oct.26 , 6:00p.m.


It is with great joy I announce the resurgence of the once great and mighty Omnipotent Despot! Wah? Back from journeys worldwide, well at least California, Italy, Amsterdam, and London, and by special arrangement with........

Well anyways, Youse are all cordially invited to the next monthly meeting of the Brooklyn Velodrome Vintage Wheelmen, the BVVW, (which is a tangent of Gruppo Sportivo Pergolizzi). This will be an informal gathering of all N.Y. metro area cyclists who share an interest in vintage bicycles and cycling history. The mmeting will take place on Tuesday October 26, 2004. We can talk the old talk (1930 to 1980) of cycling, our heroes, and their bicycles. The group, @15 hardcore certified freaks, will hang and talk bikes for @ 2 hours. Subject for the evenings discussion will be "What we did on our summer vacations". That's Eddie Albert (L'Eroica attendee) and me (Madonna Del Ghisallo visitor). We will bring our laptops, interesting printed matter, pictures, parts, and weird and hitherto unknown Italian stuff for show and drewl. Meet at the home of member Michael Lebrone, 36 Cooper Square, 7th floor, ( that's the old Village Voice building. Take the #6 train to "Astor Place" or the "R" to Broadway and 8th Street. 5:45 meet , 6:00 p.m. start. At @8:00 we will make our way to John's Pizzeria at 278 Bleeker St. in Greenwich Village (or a closer watering hole w/food if it's only Nino, Bill, and me ). Pizza is coal fired brick oven. We seen the coal pile in the basement while waiting on line a couple a meetings past. Budweiser is on tap and cold. Ernesto the waiter takes good care of us. As long as he gets his "tribute". Please make every effort to come as it's been a loooong time since the last one. We will have more FUN then we are entitled to. Expect to get home sometime Wed. This means you: Bosco Gong, Joel Dressner, Greg Arnold, C.J. Scheiner, Greg Goode, Leland Vall, Roy H. Drinkwater, Jeremy Lieberman, Mike Schmidt Anthony Mezzatesta, Aaron Lipstadt and any other yet unattended members. The annual Saturday Prospect Park ride will be held Saturday Oct. 30 10:00 a.m. Meet at The Grecian Shelter adjacent to Parkside avenue by the Coney Island Ave. entrance. Detailed discussion at the meeting.

John T. Pergolizzi, BVVW Omnipotent Despot Brooklyn, New York

Long live The King