[CR]Outfitting the '73 Hetchins Spyder: drive train Dilemnas.

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Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 21:41:52 -0400
From: HM & SS Sachs <sachs@erols.com>
To: Classic Rendezvous <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Outfitting the '73 Hetchins Spyder: drive train Dilemnas.

I'm doing the final push for getting the '73 Hetchins Spyder back on the road after a full tear-down. Most of my previous efforts have been fairly predictable "factory" bikes like Paramounts, so choices were easy: put on what the factory spec sheet said.

This was not a production bike, built for a specific person. So, I feel more freedom to change things around, as long as I respect the bike's mojo by using pretty nearly contemporary parts. Since it came with a rack (with matching serial No!), I hung a TA crankset with 1/2 step + granny on it (and a cartridge bearing Stronglight bb). The original Suntour GT rear is a wondrous thing, but not very classy. The original reverse-shifting Suntour front will go bye-bye: doesn't mate up well with the under bb cable guide, since it needs housed cable. Installation looked kludgy. And I rode with it for a week w/o coming to like the reverse shifting, so any excuse in a storm.

So, what to put on, and how inappropriate would these options be:

1) Shifters. Has braze-on Campy bosses, so the DT Shimanos & SunTours I have won't fit. Darn (I have some NOS D/A dt shifters, clamp-on, just sitting there and they won't go on). So, will Simplex Retros fit (not that I have a pair)? How far back do Suntour Barcons go? I actually have a pair of the Shimano barcons, too, but don't know how far back they go, either. CR site and Dancing Chain were not conclusive. Yeah, yeah, I was there, then, but my brain isn't, now.

2) Crane/DuraAce are age-appropriate, but Berto/Dancing Chain says they don't work as well as Suntour. Votes?

3) Berto/Dancing chain says Cyclones date back to 75. Would using them be immoral? :-)

Right now, the options seem to be (rear // front // shifters):

1) Shimano Crane // D-A // campy DT or Shimano barcon or Suntour barcon => looks like it was thought out, might work. 2) Suntour GT // Campy record // campy DT => will work well. 3) Suntour Cyclone // Suntour Cyclone // Suntour Barcon. => pretty, fairly light, should work well.

Ah, the terrible tension between historical accuracy re 73 or 74 frame, vs. getting cleaner shifts and a classier look. Or, can I have it all?

Your thoughts?

Harvey Sachs, McLean VA NO: I will not install my Campgranolo Gran Trashmo gear crusher on a real bike. Never, not even for demolition derby. Yeah, it is historically accurate. Too heavy to hang on the wall. :-)