Re: [CR]the bikes we buy for the darndest reasons

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Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 18:05:40 -0400
From: stephen fredette <>
Subject: Re: [CR]the bikes we buy for the darndest reasons

actually, it finally happened to me. i was restocking the bargain books outside the used bookstore near kenmore square where i work, and i noticed a bike locked to the fence next door. at first i just noticed the fenders, but i got totally engrossed by it. the steel drop handlebars (with black rubber handgrips), the reynolds 531 sticker, 3 speed sturmey archer, the faint remains of gold box striping, the soldered brake cables. it was an armstrong, and had armstrong spelled out in the chainring. the customer it belonged to noticed me staring and peering, and he came over to talk about it. he didn't know from bikes; just did a lot of in town riding, and the old guy at his bike store had dragged it out of the back and told him he'd probably like it. we both agreed that although grimy, it was wonderful. of course i said if you ever want to sell.... and he said he only kept bikes for awhile and then sold them, and if he ever sold this one it would be to me. sure enogh, a couple of weeks ago he came back, and i now own a 1952 armstrong club racer. amazingly, except for tires, everything on the bike is original and in working order. i am now dismantling and cleaning 50 years of accumulated dirt. the beautifully profiled alloy fenders with made by armstrong stamped into them are already mirror bright.
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        Stephen Fredette
       Hull, Massachusetts p.s. never try to research your bicycle by entering "armstrong bicycle" into google.