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>>Anyway the big question is how to paint her. The schemes I'm favoring are:
>>a. Gloss black main color, with fine silver metallic on the head lugs,
>>half forks and half stays to give the impression of a classic chrome job
>>wihtout the expense and maintenace hassles of actual chrome. The
>>inspiration for the color scheme was my P10 Paramount, which I always
>>considered a most beautiful Nervex bike.
>>b. White main color with black headlugs. Silver metallic again on the
>>half fork and half stays. An obvious tribute to the PX10 and my personal
>>fave rider of yore, Bernard Thevenet. Even better, make the white a
>>pearl white, ooh, wouldn't that be nice? Here's an example:
>>c. Flamboyant dark/royal blue main color, champagne metallic (Benotto
>>color) head tube and seat tube panel, maybe with lugs lined in red or
>>some other appropriate contrast. A bit of my school colors, and one of
>>my favorite colour combos. As far as I know, not a regular factory paint
>>d. All gloss black with lugs lined in gold. Simple, elegant, and lovely
>>in practice. See the head lugs on this bike for what I mean :
>>Fortunately I've got a while before we have to make a paint
>>decision. Feel free to vote for one of the listed combos, giving your
>>reasons and philosophic justifications, or propose an alternate
>>scheme. The frame may make it to Cirque if all the stars line up just
>>right, but no promises and I'm not going to rush Curt.
>First off, condolences on the loss of your father and your friend.
>I'm new to the list and returning to cycling in 2004 after a loooong
>hiatus, so feel free to look at me as a know nothing Johnny-come-lately or
>as someone absent from the fray long enough to remain untainted by the
>biases evidenced in the recent restoration thread. :D.
>I'm in the process of having a custom lugged frame done for a fixie/SS
>project. Frame is Zero Uno with Paul rear track ends, Pacenti long point
>lugs and e-Ritchie's fork stiffeners. I wrestled with the theme and color
>scheme for awhile and here's what I've settled on. I share it as a
>catalyst for your own creative juices. If anything moves you, steal at will ;)
>I began by thinking of this bike as a tribute, if you will, to those city
>bikes that moved the working class around the cities of Europe (and to
>some degree America) for more than a century. Has to be utilitarian but
>able , as we say down here, to put on her Sunday go-to-meetin' clothes
>when needed. Frame will be "grey flannel "- that shade of grey suiting
>that always looks right with a pair of British tan cap-toe oxfords. Lugs
>will be cream, with gold lug lining. Lug cutouts will represent the four
>suits in a deck of cards and be painted accordingly (frame will sport a
>"Dealer's Choice" transfer on TT, a tribute to the Phil flip-flop
>rear). DT and ST will have a single cream panel flanked by narrow gold
>banding. Some of Tom's honey leather bar wrap and a Brooks Champion
>Special honey saddle will complete her workday ensemble. For her Sunday
>go-to-meetin' outfit, I'll add some Bethoud SS fenders and swap to a Selle
>Brookland (tan and cream leather) saddle.
>But enough of me. If your father were alive and designing this frame,
>what color scheme would he design? If it's a tribute to his memory, why
>not start with colors that he would choose?
>Phil Sieg
>Knoxville, Tennessee

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