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Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2004 08:25:27 -0600
From: "John Thompson" <>
Organization: The Crimson Permanent Assurance
To: Classic Rendezvous <>
Subject: Re: [CR]16 mm sockets....
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Fred Rafael Rednor wrote:

> John wrote: >
> > Park makes a thin-wall wrench that works in both
> > Zeus and old Stronglight cranks that use 16mm bolts.
> I think that Park stopped production of the 16mm "peanut
> butter" style wrench several years ago. Nevertheless (!) I was
> able to buy one at the Spokes bicycle shop in Alexandria,
> Virginia a few weeks ago. The guy behind the counter said
> something to me like "stocking up on French cycling gear, eh?"
> He was greatly amused when I answered "As a matter of fact,
> yes."

There's a couple bona-fide "Zeus" ones on eBay:<blah><blah>


-John Thompson (
Appleton WI USA