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Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 12:38:40 -0800 (PST)
From: "Peter Naiman" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Classic Teledyne
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Gary; Just a quick note. I noticed on your post that you mentioned that Teledynes came with Dura-Ace. When you say late model, what year are you referring. About ten years ago, I purchased four Teledynes from the Southwest just for resale, as the price was too low to believe. These were all from 1978, as indicated on the Campag rear derailleurs. Just wondering if the earlier Teledynes came with Campag and later changed to Dura Ace. Also wondering what the years of Teledyne production were.

On another note, the Campag first generation rear derailleurs, used, are now worth more than what I paid for the Teledynes.

Peter Naiman
Call me Hetchinspete
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--- Gary Hom wrote:

> Folks, thanks for the info
> My Teledyne was purchased new and I used to race it
> in college.
> Still have all the original stuff including the
> "Big" cable clamps for
> the top tube and the original stickers are still on
> the bike.
> Steve: Love to have the computer scans of the
> decals/stickers. Have you
> tried to reproduce them? Color Printer onto some
> Avery clear label
> material should work.
> When I raced it I was 165 - 175lbs. Now a bit more
> but working on it.
> Last raced it in the 80's in Triathlons.
> Nothing has broken on the frame at all (This was a
> late model so
> perhaps I got a better one) and I never saw the
> steel forks on a
> Teledyne.
> Don't really want to sell it but wanted to strip all
> of the Tri gear
> off of in and turn it back into the Criterium racer
> that it was.
> This bike was available just as Dura Ace was being
> introduced.
> I had an all Dura Ace Drive Train with the Crane
> Derailleurs and
> the Bar Con controls that all of the Teledyne Riders
> used.
> Changed it up for Triathlons in the 80's and lost
> the Dura Ace Crankset.
> Didn't have the Dura Ace Hubs because Hi-E's were
> the rage for race wheels
> Phil Woods provided the minimum maintenance for
> training wheels.
> Got a note from a list member that has the hubs and
> the crank set,
> so this bike may be getting back on the road as a
> classic representing
> the beginning of the technology infusion on the West
> Coast.
> Was going to ride it every so often but mostly show
> my kids the bike
> that their dad raced when he was young. Actually
> was thinking of
> hanging it on the wall like the fishing guys do with
> the old fishing
> gear, all polished up and ready to race, to be
> ridden on special
> occasions.
> Thanks for all of the information, another good
> reason to get below 200lbs.
> to ride this classic .
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