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Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 14:17:39 -0700
From: "Gary Hom" <>
To: Peter Naiman <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Classic Teledyne
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The Teledynes were only available as Frames and produced from 1973 to 1976 so your 78's are likely NOS. My room mate in College, father and uncle worked for Teledyne and got his frame replaced by the Teledyne Factory in 78.

In Southern California a guy named Ron Skarin was the "Factory" rider and his bikes were equipped with the Dura Ace stuff. He was really fast and a really smooth rider. All of the Racer wannbe's did their bikes up just like his. Rumor was that his crankset was Campy since the early Dura Ace was a bit flexy (I used a NR Campy Crank also) Most of the racers did the Shimano Dura Ace and the Suntour Cyclone because the stuff was lighter and cheaper. My Time Trial setup with 5 speed Cyclone Drive Train and HiE wheels was less than 18lbs in 1975. The criterium setup with more realistic wheels and 10 Speed Shimano Drivetrain was around 21lbs.

I was a college guy and could barely afford the frame. The Dura Ace stuff was cheaper than the Campy stuff.

There is a however to this. The Teledyne was a really high end frame at the time. like $400. Most of the other people that rode them had way more $$ than me and Campy Super Record was coming out. A lot of the $$ up folks I rode with had full Campy Teledynes and many had Super Record with all of the Titanium stuff and every think drilled out (remember that). If you got them fully equipped you may also have a bunch of the hand made Aluminum and Titanium stuff that is really light that was floating around. I have still have some of it. That stuff should be really rare.

If you got the bikes with the full Super Record gear and the superlight replacement components, yes the parts should be worth a bit. That was the 1st generation of the Super Record stuff.

Noticed from you e-mail address that you are a Hetchens rider. Were those the ones that had the "curley" stays back in the mid 70's?