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<< And what about the 7mm french stem allen bolt. I think the french are the

worst at mix´n´match.

you will find bolts sizes ranging from 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (if you´ve got a

bolted stem), 13, 14 (if you´ve got one of those stupid saddle clamps) to

15; and a mix of allen key bolts on top of that. If you´re really lucky

you´ve got 6mm drop-out adjusters as well!


Kim "toolbag as heavy as the rest of the bike" klakow

berlin, germany >>


Now don't be too hard on the French on fittings and tools. They invented that lovely MAFAC tool kit with all the spanners needed to do a field strip of a vintage bike. Once that got rid of the "metal tool box" they came with and moved on to a leather pouch and they spaceage rubberized plastic that had a lightweight winner.

Now just compare this to the awkward to transport Campagnolo Tool Kit is it's old fashioned wooden case. All those superfluous cutters and what not you rarely require, Bah! As our new attorney general would say; it's as quaint as that dusty old Geneva Convention. So hard to transport in the field and racing with it; forget it.

Ah those clever French and their wee little tools.

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