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From: "Mike Self" <self@fuse.net>
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Subject: Fw: [CR]Sat. Dec 4th Cincinnati Vintage gathering
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 17:58:43 -0500

Just a reminder (details below) about our Cincinnati vintage gathering at my house.

Weather looks like we might get a ride in. It will be my first chance to try the trike on the newly installed traffic humps. Nice, relaxing pace for anyone who rides with me.

Let me know if you can come & I'll send directions. Bring any bikes/parts to show off or swap. I have 5 Moultons (not Dave, the other one) that may head to ebay soon.

Mike Self
Cincinnati, OH

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From: Mike Self
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Subject: [CR]Sat. Dec 4th Cincinnati Vintage gathering

When, Where, What: My house, Sat Dec 4th. for beer, pizza, vintage bike talk & a rumage through my basement. Drinks at 5:00, pizza at 6:00. If the weather is good, come at 3:00 & we'll ride.

Scott Goldsmith, Aldo Ross & Ron Gurth said they will be there.

Scott had surgery today (Tues, 11/23) to put his collar bone back together. He crashed several weeks ago on his Cirque auctioned Cresent - the bike came out of it better than he did. Earlier in the year his Alantis was stolen in France.

Not a great year for Scott, but we thought some beer, pizza & fondling bike parts was just what he needed.

Let me know if you can make it.

Mike Self