[CR]Was Bertin, now Richard Hallett

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Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 08:16:04 EST
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Subject: [CR]Was Bertin, now Richard Hallett

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It is good reading just to read Richard Hallett's explanation of the tire sizes in his other auctions, link above. I spent many hours with Richard in the early 1990s when I lived in New Mexico. He graciously took me to his "museum" and showed me his collection of freewheels, old leather saddles, and bicycles. At the time, he was sending a LOT of the 30s-50s items to Japan for good sums of money. I bought several bicycles from him, including a gorgeous Cuevas that listmember J.D. Edwards now has. The last time I was there, he sold me a set of NOS Zeus brake hoods that went to the Listmeister in exchange for some hoods made by an Italian company. Richard is an authority on Spanish bicycles and the Eibar, Spain steel industry, so if you want information about Zeus, email him. He wrote a brochure about Eibar, but I don't have a copy any longer. He was also an importer of Bertin, Zeus and Woodrup frames and always had many examples hanging from the rafters. The purple Hetchins shown at his site was hanging as a frameset when I visited. I see it is now built. Gorgeous bike, but too big for me. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL