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Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 10:23:18 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Teledyne Titan and Shimano

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<< Did Campy make oversized clips or what else was used? Hopefully, not the soft black plastic clips used on the Sears Freedom 10 frames >>

No Campy didn't make OS clips. Only Shimano at that time. Later there became available assorted BMX derived over sized metal clips. Finding the proper clips is often a problem for the Teledyne owner (anyone have some for sale for mine?)

We have touched on this before I think in this forum, but it created quite a stir at the time when Teledyne aligned itself with Shimano DA instead of Campag for it top show models. This gave another leg up for creditability for the upstart Shimano.

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