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snipped: "Matthew Gorski" <> wrote: "Mario Confente was the Verona shop foreman until mid 1973 when he came with Faliero to set up the Carlsbad operation. Masi didn't move his operation to California."

this fact continues to confound me... how do we know this? he was barely in his twenties at that point, no? i "thought" that he was just a guy who said "yes" to the trip abroad because he had no real ties at home, (family, etc...). e-RICHIE chester, ct

Mario told me that on coming to California, he expected a brief visit. He said he was asked to participate in a "demonstration" of Italian framebuilding. He was surprised to find that the American builders were all trainees. There was real resistance to his early request to return home, but he enjoyed California and thought that he might be able to re-establish his frame shop in the "land of the free" without the impediments he had found at home.

Mario was close to his family, especially his sister Bruna and he sent a substantial part of his earnings home to help support his parents.

Jim Cunningham CyclArt Vista, CA

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