Re: [CR]Harden Undrilled H/F hubs

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From: "Pete Geurds" <>
To: <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Harden Undrilled H/F hubs
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 14:40:34 -0500

>From: <> Apropos the discussion awhile ago about high flange vs. low flange hubs, take a look at these:<blah> &rd=1 Anyone seen these on a machine before and any reason for them being undrilled (or were these on the conveyor belt at 4.51 pm Friday before a Bank Holiday weekend?)?<<

I don't think that means forgot to drill them, just that they're undrilled. see:

I've seen them undrilled before.

Pete Geurds
Douglassville, Pa