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Subject: RE: [CR]1970s Weyless NOW Suntour Superbe
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 15:33:26 -0500
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Peter Naiman wrote:
>>> I had a bunch of Weyless stuff a few years ago and wish I hadn't sold it. The pedals and other companants were very well made and very diffrent in appearance to Campag and other mainstream componants.

and John Thompson replied: IIRC, SunTour licensed the "look" of the pedals for their "Superbe" pedals.<<<<

Would that have maybe been for the Superbe Pro pedals? The whole Superbe group looked very much like Campy Record/Super Record copies, much like countless others were also doing. Suntour's Superbe Pro group had much more of it's own distinctive style, particularly the pedals. Some of the nicest pedals ever made IMHO. Both groups are here:

Another interesting thing about Superbe and Superbe Pro components was the rather large number of versions of brake levers. I've seen so many with small, subtle differences that it's hard to know how many there were. Even in the Superbe Pro group picture, there are two different lever styles shown. And, of course, there was even the aero version at the end.

Wayne "Suntour Fan" Bingham
Lovettsville VA