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From: "Eric Elman" <tr4play@cox.net>
To: <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]FS: Goodies for Sale
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 22:24:19 -0500

Some cleaning going on in my basement. Most of you know the drill. First come, first served. Pics can be taken if needed. Shipping will be an amount agreed upon mutually up front, always fair. Payment in the form of a check only; no Paypal - sorry. I will reply to everyone that writes but please be patient as sometimes there may be someone in front of you whom I am waiting for a firm answer from.

1.. Tire set (2), Kenda clincher, NOS, 27 x 1 1/8. $5.-

2.. Tire set (2), Clement Stratos clincher, NOS/NIP but one was mounted and then removed by me, 700 x 23, very tubular looking, in neat clear cello type package (one was opened, one is sealed). $20.-

3.. Handlebar, 3ttt, used, old one (1960's) with simple but very faint stampings, not marked but matches their "Merckx" style bend, 42.5e-e, ~25.4 clamp area, g to vg condition. $25.-

4.. Handlebar, Ambrosio Volte Campione Del Mondo, NOS, very 1970's looking, 45mm e-e, slightly narrower at the top bends, 26.4 clamp area (Cinelli sized). $25.-

5.. Stem, Pivo, used, faux lugged, very pretty same style as seen on Philippe and other French stems of the 1960's and early 70's, nutted, 9cm long, 22.0 dia and for 25.0 dia bars, vg condition. $20.-

6.. Stem, AVA, used, 1960's faux lugged, from a mid 60's PX-10E, nutted, 10.5cm long, 22.0 dia. and for 25.0 bars, vg condition. $20.-

7.. Stem, Philippe, mid/late1970's, recessed nut, Philippe label on each side, silver anodized finish, 8.5 long, 22.0 dia for 25.0 handlebar, some light nicks and scrapes but overall good condition. $25.-

8.. Stem, Cinelli 1A, used, "Cinelli" stamped on top but no circle, shorty @ 7cm, missing clamp bolt, fair condition with rust marks ¾ up the stem otherwise pretty clean condition. $10.-

9.. Water bottle cage, Blackburn, NOS, handlebar mount (made to be quickly & easily installed and removed), with original mounting packet and packaging, silver. $20.-

10.. Water bottle cage, Avenir, used, vg condition, medium to light yellow color. $5.-

11.. Pedal set, Lyotard 460S, used in xlnt+ condition, all chromed steel, great wide vintage style touring typed pedal with Christophe Special chromed steel toe clips and Alfredo Binda Bianchi Dino dark blue straps, 9/16 x 20. $40.-

12.. Saddle, Brooks Pro small rivet, date stamped B73, brown, excellent leather and chrome, Brooks lettering has rubbed off from black badge which is intact and otherwise in xlnt shape too. $50.-

13.. Saddle, Brooks Pro small rivet, fair/good leather (somewhat hard, some markings/light cracks, very good original shape) with some applications of Proofide she should be quite nice, no date stamp but came off an early 70's bike, xlnt chrome and badge. $35

14.. Bottom bracket adjustable cup & lockring, Zeus, to dirty to be NOS but no wear/tool marks at all, will clean up nice, marked "ZEUS" and "B.S.C.", steel. $5.-

15.. Crank arm/pedal set, used, Shimano Dura-Ace w/the huge pedal hole/spindle, 170 length. Not sure of model. Includes crank arm set, dust covers, pedal set, Shimano branded toe clips and beat straps, overall good condition with some light marks from normal use. $45.-

16.. Pedal set, Campagnolo SL strada/road, missing both caps, one cage slightly deformed on the end, otherwise good, includes scraped Christophe Special toe clips and new looking black nylon straps. $20.-

17.. Crankset, Campagnolo NR strada, used, 151bcd, 170 length, includes original 45t and 53t rings both about ½ to 2/3rds worn. Drive arm has no cracks or major marring and I've removed the anodizing in order to polish/re-anodize and started smoothing the back of the spiders, left arm in similar condition but still has anodizing and rub marks. This was going to be for a show bike - some of you have seen how I like to polish bits to better then new standard - that's what this set was destined for. Pedal thread size markings below pedal holes. No chainring bolts or dust caps. $95.-

18.. Crank arm set, Campagnolo NR strada, used, 144bcd, 170 length, no date code ('68-'71ish?), pedal thread markings above pedal hole, no cracks one small ding less then 2mm long near dust cap hole otherwise no significant marks, major toe strap rub. Great candidate for users or to de-anodize/polish/re-anodize. $45.-

19.. Crank arm set, Campagnolo NR strada, used, 144bcd, 170 length, no date code ('68-'71ish?), pedal thread markings above pedal hole, no cracks one small ding less then 1mm long near dust cap hole otherwise no significant marks, moderate toe strap rub. Very nice user or great candidate to de-anodize/polish/re-anodize. $45.-

20.. Crank arm set, Campagnolo NR strada, used, 144bcd, 170 length, 1973 date code, functionally fine w/no cracks, cosmetically light marks here and there overall fair to good condition. $50.-

21.. Crank arm, Campagnolo NR strada, used, 144bcd, 170 length, 1978 date code, drive side arm only, no cracks, mint except for one very small scratch. $45.-

22.. Crank arm, Campagnolo NR strada, used, 170 length, left side only, no date code and pedal thread marking beneath pedal hole (from a early 151bcd set?), good condition with one small ding near dust cap hole and light scratches and toe strap rub. $30.-

23.. Crank arm set, Campagnolo NR strada, used, 170 length, 1973 date code, original factory triple crank arms with the shorter flutes on the spider and a drilled and tapped hole in each for the triple ring, overall good condition with some toe strap rub and some light nicks and scratches from regular use. $75.-

24.. Crank arm set, Campagnolo NR strada, used, 170 length, 11 in a square date code, drive arm is near mint, left side arm has some light scratching in is good or better condition. $70.-

25.. Crank arm dust covers, Campagnolo, used, "patent", good condition with a few light scratches on one. $10.-

26.. Chainring, Campagnolo NR, used, 42t, "c" in diamond, about ½ worn. $25.-

27.. Chainring, Campagnolo NR, used, 45t, "patent", very, very low miles. $20.-

28.. Chainring, Campagnolo NR, used, 43t, "c" in diamond, NOS, no package. $40.-

29.. Chainring, Campagnolo NR, used, 46t, "patent", about ¾ worn. $5.-

30.. Chainring, Campagnolo NR, used, 54t, "patent", no peg, ¾ worn and some cosmetic challenges but still overall decent/good looking. $5.-

31.. Chainring, Campagnolo NR, used, 53t, "patent", w/peg, quite worn ¾+. $5.-

32.. Chainring, Campagnolo SR, used, 53t, "brev.", w/peg, 1/3 worn at most, very nice looking. $20.-

33.. Chainring set, Sugino factory drilled, used, Campagnolo SR style, 144bcd, silver, 54/44t, cosmetically vg. $45.-

34.. Chainring set, Stronglight 93, used, 122bcd, 52/45t, less then 100 miles (was NOS and used by me), polished very nicely, xlnt. $45.-

35.. Chainring, Stronglight 93, NOS but no package, 122bcd, 52t, shop wear but will polish to a stunning shine. $35.-

36.. Derailleur - front, Campagnolo NR, used, solid cage with lip ~'77/78, clamp on, xlnt+. $45.-

37.. Derailleur - front, Campagnolo NR, used, 3-hole cage with lip ~'79 and later, clamp on, xlnt+, missing clamp bolt/nut and cable bolt. $25.-

38.. Derailleur - rear, Campagnolo NR, used, pat '77, xlnt. $75.-

39.. Derailleur - rear, Campagnolo NR, used, "patent" with brazed on stop, ca. 1968, in parts, overall fair condition with scrapes and rust on the replaceable hardware and steel parts, main body is good, 9 tooth pulleys included but each has the typical split in them, missing the spring and the spring holder bolt. Steal parts from a later derailleur to make a nice early one. $25.-

40.. Derailleur - rear, Campagnolo NR, used, "patent" with cast in stop, ca. 1969, xlnt, very hard to find this vintage in this condition. $125.-

41.. Derailleur - rear, Shimano 600 Arabesque, functionally fine, cosmetically a little dirty and some scratches fair to gd, has one Sram pulley and one purple alloy pulley (yes, it really came to me this way). $10.-

42.. Derailleur - rear, Simplex 410GT, used, vg/xlnt, long cage and very similar looking to the fabulous Super LJ 5500 but w/steel body vs alloy, w/hanger. Very nice derailleur. $45.-

43.. Derailleur - rear, Simplex Criterium, date stamped 3/71, functionally xlnt, cosmetically with scrapes. $20.-

44.. Derailleur - front, Simplex Competition, used?, parallelogram, delrin and wonderfully chromed steel and gold Simplex badge, great looking and shifting derailleur (perfect upgrade from a Prestige) in mint condition. $45.- Buy the pair, see next item for $100/set.

45.. Derailleur - rear, Simplex, used?, model unknown, same body as the great Super LJ 5500 but with delrin upper and lower parts with alloy center plates and a riveted on gold Simplex badge in mint condition. $65.- Buy the pair, see above item for $100/set.

46.. Shift levers, Campagnolo NR, used, clamp on from ~'77, xlnt. $15.-

47.. Shift levers, Simplex Criterium, used, early style with non textured plastic coating on aluminum (not chromed steel) levers, slotted screws instead of later plastic wing nuts, clamp area needs cleaning and polishing, from an early 1960's PX-10E. $15.-

48.. Brake lever set, Modolo, used, drilled, blackish grey color, no hoods, light road rash on one side of each lever. $10.-

49.. Brake lever set, Campagnolo NR, used, g/vg with only some light scratches here and there, no hoods. $20.-

50.. Brake cable clip set (3), Simplex, used, xlnt. $15.-

51.. Headset, Campagnolo GS? or Triumph?, NOS no box, NR quality in every way, especially good for a 50's or 60's restoration as the smooth rounded sides resemble TDC units as supplied on many British bikes. $55.-

52.. Headset, Campagnolo NR, used, 25.4 x 24f chrome is vg, no tool marks, only light brinnelling starting on lower headset cup. $35.-

53.. Headset pieces (24pcs), Campagnolo, Stronglight, TDC, etc, used, varying conditions of fair to xlnt. Someone take all, grab bag style (no details but a quick pic can be taken) for $50.-

54.. Hub set, Campagnolo Record, 36h, large flange, both have been machined and have cartridge type beings in them, done very nicely, rear is 128oln/English thread and looks to have never been laced, front is used and looks to have been laced once, front requires an axle, no QR's. Pretty neat item. $60.-

55.. Freewheel, Atom 77, used, moderate wear on some teeth, dirty, 6 speed, silver, dirty but spins fine, 14/28, English thread. $5.-

56.. Cap, Mondia, NOS, white. $20.-

57.. Cap, Clement, NOS, red. $15.-

58.. Cap, Campagnolo, NOS, red. $15.-

59.. Cap, Campagnolo, NOS, blue. $15.-

60.. Pump clip/cable stop, Campagnolo unit, elusive item, looks xlnt but has some rusting on the underside where it will not show when mounted with pump. $10.-

61.. Pressure guage, NOS, brand unknown, made in England, very nice chrome over brass with alloy reader that goes up to 140, presta valve type, only 3 3/8" long, very pretty little item. $15.-

62.. Shift lever, Simplex Retro friction, no name stamping, small chip on top, screw slot is buggered up. $Free.-

63.. Derailleur hanger, Campagnolo NR, used w/chrome bolt, cosmetically xlnt but thread is slightly crossed but can be re-tapped. $Free.-

64.. Crankarm dust cap (1), Stronglight 93 type, used, xlnt chrome, hex hole is just slight worn but very usable. $Free.-

65.. Pedal dust cap (1), Barelli, used, very hard to find, scraped up but can be smoothed and polished to look very nice. $Free.-

66.. Brake lever set, Shimano Dura-Ace, pairs of slots in levers running parallel down each, 1st gen?, no hoods, fair to good condition with light rash and an area of tool marking. $Free.-