Re: [CR]SR RD: Newer vs. Older Cage Plates

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Date: Sat, 04 Dec 2004 20:00:24 -0800
From: "Chuck Schmidt" <>
To: classicrendezvous <>
Subject: Re: [CR]SR RD: Newer vs. Older Cage Plates
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Andrew Gillis wrote:
> CRs:
> Does anyone have a reliable analysis (or verified reason) why Campy changed the cage plate design on Super Record rear derailleurs (ie, the later 1977+ model, with the script logo)?
> I've got my own guesses, but I'd like to have some verification.
> thanks!
> Andrew Gillis (raining in Long Beach, CA)

Campagnolo didn't do press release type stuff back then touting new and improved features of their product, so I don't think you're going to get a verified reason for the change (always ready to be proved wrong however). Not sure what you mean by reliable analysis.

I think it would be safe to say that any change was made to improve shifting and chain wrap. The goal would be to get the upper pulley closer to the cogs and wrap more chain.

I've never read anythng official from Campagnolo about the change to the cage plate design. What's your guess?

Chuck Schmidt (dry in South Pasadena, CA)