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Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2004 21:24:14 -0500
From: "HM & SS Sachs" <>
To:, Classic Rendezvous <>
Subject: Another Fork for sale: re: [CR]FS: Forks (2)......

Chuck Brooks, a fine fellow indeed, wrote:

I uncovered some more things I didn't know I had and will probably never use! Both of these forks are NEW (at least they certainly look new) and have 26.4mm crowns and ~45mm of rake. I can have pictures tomorrow (if the weather cooperates?????).

1) TANGE - Fully chromed - I'm guessing late 70's early '80's? Steerer length is 147mm with about 34mm of threads. It looks like a Microfusion crown (only I know it's not) and has the "Cinelli Lookalike" tabs on the inside of the legs. Tange dropouts (did you expect Campagnolo?). $30.00 (shipped).

2) ROSSIN - 1/2 chrome - I guess late '80's on this one? - 200mm steerer w/53mm of threads - "R" engraved on top of semi-sloping fork crown - Campagnolo dropouts - the "other half" of the fork is white with black "drippings" - I bought this fork about 12-13 years ago as I had a Ciocc which needed a fork and I was going to send frame and fork to Franklin for new paint. Sold the Ciocc w/o fork and forgot about this fork!! Reference point - this fork weighs about 2/3 of the Tange fork even though it has more than 50mm of steerer! $75.00 (shipped)

+++++++++ (the funk-master Special alternative: ++++++++++++

What's cool about Chuck's post is that it allows me to set a reasonable (?) price and to offer -- just to this list -- a much less common, Genuine 531 taper gauge fork, chrome crown and > 8" (~21 cm) of chrome tip, forged Shimano ends, English threading, 7" (18 cm) steerer. Downsides? Well, the triangular decals are pretty much just outlines now, and the color is the same putrid lime (light metallic olive drab?) as the Sears it came off. :-)

Domed blade ends at drop-outs, some file marks visible through chrome, for that prized quasi-bike-boom-Italian effect. You can even read most of the word "Reynolds" on the base of the steerer. Fork survived a collision last summer that bent the top and down tubes. Seems straight, or nearly so.

$50 shipped in ConUS. Less than Chuck's ROSSIN, more than the Tange.

Just don't ask me to ship it before Christmas...

harvey sachs
mcLean VA