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Subject: RE: [CR]"NOS" Allegro, something to yodel about or...
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 00:07:52 -0800
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I can confirm that the Allegro frame, eBay item number 7119124755 is one that we did an extensive touch-up and decal replacement on. We did not alter the lug edge striping. We also did not simply clear coat it. Most of the decals were replaced with exact replicas, about 10% of the paint and smoke have been retouched and the clear matches the original thin, aged clear. The bike seems fairly represented, although I agree the use of the term "NOS" is debatable. I'm sure the seller is using it as shorthand for a bike which is not refinished or used. He is pretty clear about what the bike is and what has been done.

This frame is a good example of our work on difficult touchups where it is imperative to match not only the aged color, and in this case decals and smoke in damaged areas, but also to match the original surface. I remember this one well because Ruth's work in the matching the complex and aged finish is very impressive.

For the record, please note that we have performed seamless partial refinishes on frames, sometimes after repairing tube damage, even in cases where the original finish had substantial patina. We have matched patina and even performed complete refinishes that appear to be well weathered original finishes. I've had the amusement of standing by one of these "weathered" refinishes at a bike shows and in our showroom while "expert" list members commented on how much more appealing it's "original" finish was to the "over-restored" refinished bikes.

Our experience in bike paint extends to pre-1900s bikes and we have used authentic period materials and techniques on them, even if these methods and materials are inferior to their modern counterparts.

It is true that the majority of CyclArt restoration refinishes are "better than new" and therefore distasteful to some purists. We have found that very few of our clients take the option of a more authentic, but less perfect finish for the sake of accuracy to the original. Either way, it's our job to meet or exceed their expectations.

Jim Cunningham CyclArt Vista, CA

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True, the 'NOS' Allegro is a beaut; but is anyone else suspicious of the paintjob? The smoke seems plausible, and if NOS; wonderful, but the blue lug-edging is more than a bit off: color is just too much coded to the logo and then not very well executed. Not at all to Swiss standards of the day. By contrast and for gorgeous representation, see the recent discussion and pictures of a Swiss Condor on this site; or variously on Stefan's.speedcycles!! Impressed, but leary of claim. If it weren't only the bike that had been smoking, and one could really get an NOS Allegro for a fourth the price of an NOS Masi, I'd be yodeling all the way to the Alps.

JB Froke
Pebble Beach, CA