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Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 15:11:38 +0100
From: "Matteo Brandi" <bees.bfg@tin.it>
To: <josephbstarck@yahoo.com>, cr list <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]MAsi badges


I dunno what kind of references were in Falieros mind regardin th e* colors on them badges.My guess is that he wanted to rep his Fiorentino heritage rocking a Giglio(Fleur De Lys) on the bikes bearing his name.Red,the color of the Giglio (the official symbol of the city of FIrenze)On white background.When referrin to the Firenzes flag,we say"Giglio rosso in campo bianco"(Red giglio on white background)

Now,being a Fiorentino,i would tell Faliero(him being from Sesto Fiorentino,right on Firenzes outskirts) "Yo man,why u rockin the Giglio if u aint from Firenze?!Why u rep Sesto while here,and as soon u step outta town u say"im from Firenze!"


Matteo BRandi Firenze Italia

*:Ken Denny spell "THE" like this:TEh

Message: 1 Anybody, On this '64 Masi: http://www.bates-lee.com/masi/rs62masi/rsachsmasispecial03.jpg And again here: http://www.classicrendezvous.com/Italy/Masi/Masi_main.html What is everything? The red stuff? The white stuff? The blue(turquoise) stuff? And is that a sword or dagger hidden behind the white stuff? What's it all
supposed to SAY?
Joe Starck,