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From: <BobHoveyGa@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 10:40:34 EST
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Re: Campy Catalog


Thanks for the congratulations and kind words. I would like to make clear to all however that I will merely be the custodian of this catalog, not its proud owner. At $1,205, there is absolutely no way I can afford to keep it, much as I would like to. My intention is to scan it so that I can add it to the Campy Cats disc and then pass it on to a more affluent collector.

Naturally, I would be overjoyed to see it end up with a listmember, so please watch the list in the upcoming weeks where I will post a sale notice in advance of listing it on Ebay.

Bob Hovey Columbus, GA

In a message dated 12/6/04 8:39:54 AM, classicrendezvous-request@bikelist.org writes:

> Well, we occasionally get into  discussions of very high prices paid on
> E-Bay.  Campy Catalog #11, a great rarity has just changed hands.  Our own
> house researcher on things Masi has emerged victorious over one of Japan's
> most formidable bidders to acquire this item and further the knowledge base
> that he as been so generously sharing with us in the recent past.  I think
> this shows just how serious and dedicated he is in this endeavor.  I am a
> bit awed.  And proud to be his friend (but that is no recent development!).
> Congratulations Bob!
> See E-Bay item # 7117740206.
> Tom Sanders
> Lansing, Mi