[CR]bike identification - surely not a Paramount?

(Example: Racing:Jean Robic)

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Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 18:46:57 +0000
Subject: [CR]bike identification - surely not a Paramount?

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On Dec 6, 2004, at 6:23 AM, stephen fredette wrote:
> surely not a paramount:
> http://ebay.com/<blah>
> ViewItem&category=22681&item=7119344949&rd=
> 1

1971 Raleigh International with the paint stripped off of the chrome base.

Todd Kuzma Tullio's Big Dog Cyclery Heron Bicycles LaSalle IL 815-223-1776 http://www.tullios.com/ http://www.heronbicycles.com/

Todd's got it in one. That pic of the stay treatment and rear brake bridge is what did it for me - it's dead-on a Raleigh International, IMO.

Duncan Granger
Lancaster, PA