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Subject: Re: [CR]No Decals NOW Hand Painted
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 15:39:25 -0500

It is possible to take a detailed scan of the hand-painted lettering and convert it to computer format. A template could then be cut out and the re-applied to the painted frame. With the stencil in place on the frame, a re-paint of the original could then occur... However, the spray paint would probably not have the thickness nor the stroke of the original, but "hand" painting could be applied. If you would like, send me a JPG scan of the image that is perpendicular to the frame (no angle shots!) and I will give it a whack.

Regards, Steve Neago Cincinnati, OH "I love my stencil cutting machine to make my own decals!"

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> I agree with Chuck's summary of Colnago ushering in a era of painted
> graphics instead of decals and others following, especially as the
> graphics got more elaborate. However, some others besides Herse and
> Legnano were hand painting the name prior to '83. I'm guessing this
> Colin Laing to be from the early 70's:
> Not only is the name painted on the down tube (no stenciling used here
> either), but the apparent client's name and Colin's signature are also
> hand painted (see other pix).
> Special thanks to Morgan Fletcher for allowing me to post these pix to
> his great site.
> Wayne Bingham
> Lovettsville VA