Re: [CR]Vintage Bike Quarterly Must-Read 4 Campyholics

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Subject: Re: [CR]Vintage Bike Quarterly Must-Read 4 Campyholics
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 20:20:58 -0700

For me it's lightwieghts on dirt roads.

Craig who takes his lightweights on dirt roads in AZ which is full of 'em
> I am biased on this one (I know the publisher quite well) but here is my plug...
> Vintage Bicycle Quarterly is about all things lightweight. The latest issue has an article about Merckx's hour record bike. A past issue had a definitive history of the first rear deraillieur Campy produced (the 1951 and 52's that show up on rare occasion).
> Other issues have had reviews of bikes such as an early 60's Olmo, and other Tour de France machines.
> So - if you love the French bikes OR you Love the Campy bikes this publication puts it all together. Plus, even if the cool French stuff is on the periphery of your thoughts, if you love lightweights this publication will help put together the big picture of vintage lighweight development and history.
> As a bonus, the photos are of fantastic quality and the production in general is the best I've seen of any newsletter. Jan has done a great job and I hope that everyone on the list will help support his good efforts.
> Mike Kone in Boulder CO
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> > Of all the magazines on any subject that I receive in the course of a
> > month the one I immediately read cover to cover is VBQ. I first make a
> > quick perusal and then savor it slowly. This raised a question for me
> > this morning, why is it that I regard this magazine so differently when
> > all of them match my various interests? I think it is a matter of style
> > and content. Or rather the style of communicating the content. There is
> > more information packed in the articles of VBQ and less overblown
> > language. In this sense it belongs grouped in an older type of
> > publication, one which presumes a higher level of interest and
> > knowledge on the part of its subscribers. If you have not already
> > subscribed to Vintage Bike Quarterly I recommend that you visit the
> > website,
> > and see for yourself.
> > David Cooper
> > Chicago (wet and cold), Illinois