Re: [CR]Nice Miyata Pro

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From: <>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 12:01:35 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Nice Miyata Pro

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> Here is a very nice Miyata Pro, glad it isn't my size.

The description implies that the bike has a full Dura Ace AX grouppo. This is not the case: --rear der is either Dura Ace 7400 6sp SIS or 7401 6-7sp SIS; you can see the "SIS" stamping in the photo --downtube shifters are gray Dura Ace 7401 7sp; this is unusual, as I count 6sp in the rear cluster --brake levers are either Dura Ace 7401 or 7402 aero model --brake calipers are Dura Ace 7400 --hubs and skewers are Dura Ace 7400; can't see the rear hub body, so can't tell if it is cassette or freewheel. --crank arms are Dura Ace AX, but the rings look like 7400 rings

The 7400 series is 1984-5; 7401 series is 86-87.


Jan Pinkowish
Bristol, CT