Phil Brake, was [CR]Assenmacher Tandems found

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Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2004 21:13:07 -0500
From: "HM & SS Sachs" <>
Subject: Phil Brake, was [CR]Assenmacher Tandems found

Tom Sanders wrote about some Assenmacher tandems for sale, one of which has a Phil brake.

I would consider the Phil brake to be on-topic, but not a wise choice. It is an elegant design, beautifully machined. However, it has a fatal flaw: All but the very last (year or so?) have a composition disk (actually more like a clutch on a car) that spline-fits to a male fitting screwed to the bub. These fail by shearing the splines on the disk; I know of no replacements for survivors. I actually destroyed one myself, stoking for a buddy (stoker-operated brake). The late models had a disk reinforced with a steel (?) center. The only one of these I ever saw was post-destruction: scorched and destroyed by friends on a long descent or something. Fortunately, the clunky but effective Arai is widely available and not terribly expensive.

We still have one on our tandem, but use it rarely and cautiously, mostly as a "retard" in wet conditions. It was also available on Paramount tandems (and Santanas?) for a few years.

harvey sachs mcLean va.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++== I can't remember just who they were (Jerry?) but I have been asked a few times in the last year or two to keep my eyes open for Assenmacher tandems by various folks. I have just located three of them. The first one , blue, a 23/20" model w/ Phil hubs and 27" wheels. $1100 Next is one I believe is on consignment, green, 23/22" started out at $2000, but Matt thinks the owner will take less at this point...1500??? Last one is another blue one 24/23" w/ 27" wheels and some kind of special Phil brake on it for $1300 I think the prices might be open to discussion but none of them mine. They reside in the basement of Matt Assenmacher's shop and any interested folks might call 810-635-7844 and talk to Matt or Steve. They are all road tandems. I have to go back there to pick up a bike next week and for anyone who is seriously interested, I'll take my digital camera along and shoot you a couple of pics if you have been in negotiation with these two guys. I expect a great burger at Cirque for repayment... or perhaps some Greensboro Barbecue for the favor, though. Gawd, I'm a cheap date!
Tom Sanders
Lansing, Mi