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I enjoy reading many of Kent's articles. I actually highlighted Kent on my site this year. Fixed for Endurance after reading about some of his LONG rides using fixed gears. A great inspiration. I am looking forward to the new year and getting delivery in the spring of 3 new (old) bike frames that I will no doubt build into some fixed machines and possibly a path or two. A 30s Rudge, a 48 Hobbs of Barbican, and a early 50s MacLean. I can't wait.

Walter Skrzypek Falls Creek, Pa numbers dwindling fast on the Classic patches. Razesa, Carlton, Falcon, and very very few Hercules left. Going for big bargains now. $8 each usually. Buy one get one free for the holidays while supplies last. $1 shipping on all regardless of quantity purchased.

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> Cute Christmas Story poking fun at (is it?) an urban legend...
> John Siemsen San Luis Obispo, CA