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From: "Paul Haussler" <>
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Subject: Phil rear disc/drag brake, was Re: [CR]FS
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 13:54:37 -0800
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Phil Wood disk brakes are generally considered inadequate for tandem duty. In fact, there are no current disk brakes suitable as tandem drag brakes. Santana Formula disk brakes and Avid disk brakes are used on some tandems in lieu of rear caliper or cantilever brakes.

The Arai drum brake remains the drag brake of choice. For further information you might want to contact Santana. They have a drag brake test course and routinely destroy disks and tubes (blowing from overheating).


Paul Haussler, Huntington Beach, CA

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I've got one of these on the rear of my 1982 Santana, which I ride with my son. Should I remove it and switch to an Arai? Are they that bad?

Morgan -- Morgan Fletcher, Oakland, CA