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Anyone know what brand and model of cranks came on that 1972 Paramount P-15 Tourist?


David Clementson
Palo Alto, CA

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\r?\n> Here are the specs for the 1972 Paramount, from a copy of the factory

\r?\n> brochure:


\r?\n> P-13, road racing, 14-16-18-23-26 (UGLY!) with 49/52 chainrings, FW

\r?\n> brand not specified.

\r?\n> P-15, tourist, 14-16-19-25-31, with 36-49-54.


\r?\n> FWIW, I ride with what works for riding, and drop back to the factory

\r?\n> specs on mine once a year for Cirque -- if then. As I get older (turn 60

\r?\n> tomorrow), I find that my ego does not benefit from the pure display of

\r?\n> bigger CW... I can't use them. :-(


\r?\n> I don't know the Bicycle Research cog removing tool. I have never had a

\r?\n> good experience with the type that uses two rods, with a block on each

\r?\n> end that had two nubs that grab the chain. By the time I get to

\r?\n> cracking FW cogs, they are more resistant to breaking loose than the

\r?\n> rods are to bending and twisting. I just use a pair of home-made chain

\r?\n> whips, with one mounted in the vise.


\r?\n> harvey sachs

\r?\n> mcLean va