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It seems that if you are willing to go to the trouble of doing this presentation, it would be worthwhile to have some kind of record of it. At minimum, a transcript of the presentation. At best, a video recording on CD. I imagine there would be enough interest to make it worth getting it on record and making it available for sale. Where's Ken Toda when you need him?

Don has done a lot putting this show together, so I'm not suggesting another thing for him coordinate and make happen (or for you). At the same time, since this is a unique event, it would be great if there was a way to have a record of your and other presentations for posterity. Other than the Framebuilder's List and a handful of publications, there isn't a lot out there in the way of real practical how-to information on the subject - especially the one you're going to cover. There's a great deal of thought and refinement of method that would be useful for many, both from a framebuilder and user/collector perspective.

I'm really looking forward to your presentation!

Roman Stankus Atlanta, Ga.

BB wrote:

"Photos, video tape and/or audio recordings of my performence will remain solely my property unless you are specifically given permission to use or posses it. Permission will be granted to the media and to private parties; but I want to know who has it and what will be done with it. I will have releases available."