Re: [CR]Colnago Oval CX--Is it Rare & Collectible?

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Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 13:02:28 +0100 (MET)
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Subject: Re: [CR]Colnago Oval CX--Is it Rare & Collectible?

The seatpost is actually 19mm and I am not quite sure if there were only 250 made. Anybody used to deal Colnago who knows? I once used to own a candy apple red one, which was sold to the US a good year ago for lack of 6cm frame height. Nice bike, but I was scared of that seatpost, weighing in at 225lbs. It sure was stiff though; I´m not sure what was meant with drifting. I´ve got some great pics of it that I will be glad to mail to you, Dale, to post on the site (I actually have a plethora of pics for the site ...). Oh, and PLEASE update the Gitane site! Or get your web-futzi to do it, whoever is responsible. That would be a great x-mas present to the whole list.

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> << originally purchased from the Stuyvesant Bike shop in NYC. >>
> Re:
> These bikes were really pretty special and are certainly collectible IMO.
> I think they came a year or two after that auction's stated date of
> 1981-82,
> more like 84-85 methinks... They were part of the Italian answer to the
> Aerodynamic fad that included the Shimano AX components, etc.
> I also question a bit about that bike coming from Stuyvescents, as they
> were
> not Colnago dealers but pushed Bottechia and Atala; Sarah up at Conrad's
> Bike
> Shop had a lock on Colnago for Manhattan at that time I seem to recall.
> (Don't
> cross her!)
> No matter... Every lug was specially made, investment cast, for that
> model.
> Imagine all that trouble for 25 bikes (I am not sure that's true either
> but
> there were very few made. I would guess more like 250 would be closer to
> the
> truth...)
> The seat post was an odd tiny size (22 MM in diameter?) and fit into a
> tubular sleeve brazed inside the aero seat tube. Very odd and a lot of
> trouble to
> make! We sold two or three of those bikes at cycles de ORO back then. One
> went
> to a woman rider in Raleigh .. her bike was fully chromed in a brushed
> finish
> with translucent "Chromo Velato" blue paint. Stunning!
> Finally, although Tony Rominger's bike was referred to as an Oval CX, it
> shared little with these older bikes except aero tubes and his Hour Record
> bikes
> frame tubes were just squished a bit. Not those older lugs, etc. (That
> still
> was cool that Tony did that on such a traditional lugged steel bike.)
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