Re: [CR]The Scott-Mathauser brake pad report

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Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 07:29:10 -0500
From: <>
To: (krawls), (Stephen Barner)
Subject: Re: [CR]The Scott-Mathauser brake pad report

I received my free set of pads from Dave too and they fit as advertised. These pads stop really well!

Paul Raley Putting miles on my new Richard Sachs (and lovin'it!)in Leonardtown MD

krawls <> wrote:
>I finally found the time to install my set and try them out briefly.
>They work just as Dave said they would.
>Thanks Dave!!
>Karen Rawls
>Winchester VA
>On Sun, 28 Nov 2004 15:37:54 -0500, Stephen Barner <> wrote:
>> Do you recall the thread in early October about whether or not the M series
>> Scott-Mathauser pads fit the Campy NS/SR brake holders?  At that time, Dave
>> Marsh, of Universal Cycle Centre in the jolly-old UK, offered to send out 10
>> sets of S-M M pads to the lucky first respondents who would agree to test
>> same and report back.  I was respondent #11, but Dave graciously extended
>> his offer to me as well.
>> I received the pads the other day and I am here to report that Dave was
>> correct in saying that the M-series pads will fit the Campy holders in a
>> perfectly safe and functional manner.  Now, you are probably wondering "Why
>> then did S-M make both C pads and M pads for Campy and Mafac?"  The
>> difference appears to be in the flair at the very bottom of the pad.  Both
>> pads are the same length. with and height in the part of the part that
>> sticks out of the holder.  Both also have the same thickness at the thinnest
>> pard of the pad, where it is gripped by the holder, but the C pads flair out
>> a little more at the bottom to match the increased flair of the Campy
>> holders. The only place where I might think this could be an issue would be
>> if one were to yank a really fat tire past the pads while removing a wheel.
>> The M pad might be more prone to popping out of the holder than the C pad.
>> I can't imagine any listers doing such a hack move, and the M pads are
>> gripped so tightly in the Campy holders that I will agree with Dave that M
>> pads are perfectly acceptable substitutes for Campy brakes when the C pads
>> are not available, or when they are a few bucks cheaper.
>> FWIW: Although they look more like Campy pads, and actually stop better than
>> the "real thing," I have observed that the black Kool Stop pads do not have
>> the same braking power as the orange S-M pads.
>> Thanks for the pads, Dave.
>> Steve Barner, Bolton, Vermont
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