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Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 15:01:55 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Witcomb Cycles

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<< Would Richie or Peter Weigle care to comment as to whether it would be possible, given detailed photos, to tell which of them, if either, built a CT Witcomb frame? Or would it have been a case of both, plus perhaps Chris Chance, each doing part of the work on a single frame? >>

I would be REALLY surprised if any of these gents would lay claim to having been the primary builder of any of these bikes...

First, almost never does one guy do all the work on a frame in mini factory workshops.. One person might do forks, another might prep the frames, set up jigs or whatever, another might braze the main triangle, another do finish-filing & cleaning up prior to paint, etc., etc. So one person may not want to say he "made" a particular frame and potentially be blamed for one of the other guy' possible slackness!

Secondly, that was 30 + years ago and all these guys have majorly refined and improved thier skills and procedures, so those old bikes might be somewhat "crude" when viewed today. Who wants to recieve credit for a craft piece they did "in Junior High School?" Even if they did do the majority of the work on a particular frame, they might wince when they looked at the execution, either aesthetically or structurally.

Richard or ? can correct me if I am wrong on the above but I bet they agree... Cheers Dale

Dale Brown
Greensboro, North Carolina